Xtralite manufactures structural glazing solutions to bespoke designs, backed by a support and advice throughout the entire project cycle, from design to installation.




Glass provides a cost-effective solution for modern roof designs, providing greater light transmission and minimising heat loss. Glass is typically used in atriums for commercial and retail environments and also in traditional pitched roofs.

When used in rooflights, glass should always be safety glass, toughened to resist damage and cracking. All Xtralite glass products are manufactured and tested to meet or exceed the highest safety standards and all regulations. Fire safety is also paramount and our glass rooflights will always comply with building regulations.

Glass is resistant from weathering or UV discolouration and can be supplied with various laminates, surface treatments and interlayers to provide coloured and textured surfaces, for obscure and diffused finished, solar control and total UV protection. 



Polycarbonate is a clear thermoplastic formed under heat and fixed in shape through cooling. 

With its hard, durable and versatile nature, Polycarbonate is a perfect material for construction projects. It can be moulded into a range of shapes to suit every project, including domes and pyramids. It can also be recycled and reused.

Polycarbonate retains its light transmission qualities and resists UV discolouration, and also has exceptional impact resistance. 

We manufacture polycarbonate roof glazing solutions in a wide range of clear, tinted, patterned and opaque finishes and offer options which eliminate up to 95% of UV radiation from inside the building. 




The unique Xtralite Lumira technology, combines impressive thermal insulation, light transmission and acoustic characteristics, to provide a high-performance rooflight solution.

Lumira rooflights are manufactured using a multi-wall construction in polycarbonate, filled with translucent aerogel granules. This allows excellent light transmission whilst also providing highly effective thermal insulation, due to low heat conduction and high heat retention. 

Lumira provides vastly improved insulation performance with U values for a triple-walled rooflight reduced from 2.4W/m²K without Lumira to 1.3 W/m²K with the new technology.

Lumira also offers excellent light transmission with diffusion giving a shadow less light quality, as well as a 25% reduction in sound transmittance (at 1,000Hz frequency). 

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