Standard Rooflight Specification Guide and Weight Calculator

Use the Xtralite online calculation tool

The entire Xtralite product range has been designed to optimise the scientific benefits of rooflights and rooflight materials - therefore it is essential that you specify the correct Xtralite product for your project’s requirements. To assist with this, we offer a free downloadable calculation tool.

The calculation tool has been developed only for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP and later editions. To install with Windows Vista, you may need administrator privileges and with Windows 7 to install the programme in XP Mode. Please contact your IT Department for details.

To use the calculation tool, simply enter the values from your project, select from the various options presented to you and click ‘Calculate’ - our tool will then present you with the most appropriate products based on your project data, as well as the codes and approximate weight of the products recommended.

To install the Xtralite calculation tool, simply:

1. Download the Xtralite file to your computer
2. Open the Zip file and double-click on ‘setup.exe’  (or 'setup' on some systems)
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

Please note, whilst Xtralite takes great care to ensure that this feature works correctly and contains the latest product data, the application itself is not supported by Xtralite. If you experience any difficulties with the calculation tool itself, please contact our customer service team who will connect you to our IT team for further assistance.