Site Surveys

In the vast majority of cases our modular rooflights are supplied to refurbishment projects, typically old roofs, which may have been patched and adapted, old rooflights which may or may not be still in manufacture and will invariable be unusual nonstandard sizes (for those of us old enough to recall imperial sizes not metric).

Roofs may have been overlaid so the existing rooflight is buried in the roof and cannot be removed without disturbing the structure of the building. Rooms beneath the rooflight will undoubtedly have been changed adapted and altered their use over the years – believe it or not these impact on the size and design of the rooflight. 

The biggest issue is not with the rooflight nor with the roof – but the interface between the two.

So to begin with the benefits of having a site survey are:  

1.     Meet with the designer/contractor to fully understand the new/proposed roof specification.

2.     To advise how Xtralite can take a “standard” rooflight design and manufacture a bespoke product to ensure a smooth interface between roof and rooflight. This will potentially save in time during installation, materials adapting the roof and roof opening, and therefore save in terms of budget particularly where there are multiple rooflights involved

3.     From access to the rooms beneath the rooflights we will be able to advise on the correct specification to suit the room usage, eg heated space or not, ventilation or not, clear glazing or diffused, adaptations to bespoke requirement for lighting or blinds.

4.     Xtralite will take responsibility for taking the dimensions of the new rooflights and manufacture each unit to suit both horizontal dimensions and vertical (to cope with new insulation depths) – again saving the contractor time during installation

5.     From “walking the roof” Xtralite staff will be able to asses any obstructions which may interfere with the new products and advise accordingly.

6.     We will produce a roof plan and rooflight schedule, numbering each rooflight on both plan and schedule.

At time of manufacture each rooflight in numbered in line with the plan and delivered to site. The contractor then knows immediately which rooflight belongs where saving time sorting through the delivery and speeding up the installation process.