Our range of literature is available to download here.

Xtralite Topic Guides provide valuable advice on a broad range of subjects to aid the design and specification of rooflights and daylighting solutions. We also offer various product brochures and datasheets.

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The Case For Natural Smoke Ventilation In Fires

Smoke control using natural ventilation offers particularly effective protection from the immediate dangers of fire and smoke in buildings. This guide provides useful on the key principles to consider.

Specifying The Right Rooflight

Specifying a rooflight can be a minefield. This brochure will guide you the process step-by-step so that you can find the right combination of features to suit your project requirements.

Designing With Daylight

Rooflights can offer real benefits to comfort and wellbeing in all types of buildings. Our guide to Designing with Daylight aims to help you create higher, brighter interior environments.

Glazing, Size, Shape And Colour Options

Xtralite modular rooflights are built to your specification and a broad range of options are available. Find out more about glazing, size, shape and colour options here.


All modular rooflights manufactured by Xtralite are classified as non-fragile in line with HSE 33 (Health & Safety in Roof Work). This guide explains the process for non-fragility testing.

Natural Ventilation

As well as enhancing the amount of light inside a building, rooflights can also be used to provide ventilation and fresh air. Here is a guide to the ventilation options within the Xtralite range.

Thermal Efficiency

UK Building Regulations require that the whole of a rooflight assembly achieves a minimum U value. This guide to thermal efficiency will help you understand the subject and the options.

Fire Safety

In the event of a building fire, any rooflights which form any part of the escape route must meet the appropriate safety standards. We guide you through what to consider to ensure compliance.


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