Primary School Receives Much-needed Roof Lift!

Fairmeadows Primary School, Derbyshire, UK

Fairmeadows Primary Xtralite

A popular primary school in the heart of Derbyshire has received a much-needed roof lift revolutionising the indoor space enjoyed by children and staff alike.

Fairmeadows Primary School in Swadlincote was constructed in 1984 but the original specification of a single glazed, Georgian mono-pitch rooflight was making the school environment hard to enjoy.

Too hot in the summer, draughty and cold in the winter and with water ingress on an almost weekly basis, a solution was sought by the school in conjunction with Derbyshire County Council to improve the air quality, temperature and natural light within the school.

With the rooflight measuring a sizeable 19.6m by 3.25m and covering corridors, classrooms and communal spaces, including the school’s nursery, temperature regulation and natural light filtration were of critical importance during the refurbishment.

“This was a project that was entirely suited to our range of products and which could benefit further from the addition of Lumira technology,” said Jim Lowther Sales Director, Xtralite. “In this particular case, each of the problems that were being experienced have been solved through the installation of our replacement mono-pitch rooflight and the added extras to make it a bespoke solution for this set of circumstances.”

The thermally enhanced self-supporting mono-pitch rooflight was pitched at 23° and was glazed with 25mm UV protected polycarbonate with Lumira infill. This impressive technology offers thermal, light transmission and acoustic characteristics enhancing natural light filtration and regulating temperature and exterior noise to deliver greater comfort for building users.

In addition, electrically operated opening vents were fitted to give ventilation and offer greater flexibility, with each of the four areas benefitting from individual control, delivering zoned climate control.

“This project wasn’t without its challenges but with the help of NARM, chosen installers Midland Roofing and Pelliere Construction along with our expertise, we were able to create a scheme that worked perfectly and fulfilled the brief of all parties concerned,” said Jim. 

Victoria Bostock Derbyshire County Council commented; “This project was seamlessly executed from our perspective and we, and the school, are thrilled with the finished product which has greatly enhanced the learning environment for the children at Fairmeadows Primary School.”

Xtralite Lumira provides vastly improved insulation performance with U values for a triple-walled rooflight reduced from 2.4W/m²K without Lumira to 1.3 W/m²K with Lumira.

Lumira also offers excellent light transmission with diffusion giving a shadow less light quality, as well as a 25% reduction in sound transmittance (at 1,000Hz frequency).

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