X-Two Rooflight




The X-Two range of rooflights represents the next generation of rooflight design featuring many product innovations. The unique suite of interchangeable PVCu extrusions are designed to ensure both splayed and vertical kerbs are available to suit a precise height enabling the kerb to be fixed direct to the roof deck no matter what the depth of insulation required.

  • Suitable for all popular roofing membranes.

  • Splayed Kerbs.

  • Vertical Kerbs.

  • Adaptor kerbs.

  • Hit & Miss, Rota, Worm Gear Opening and Electrical Chain Drive Ventilation.

  • Non Fragile – All polycarbonate rooflights achieve Class B rating to ACR[M]001:2014, Glass options are available with a Class 2 “deemed to satisfy” specification in accordance with CWCT TN92.

  • Fire Performance – BS 476  Pt7 – Class 1. TPa rated

  • Standard Sizes Ex Stock.

  • Bespoke Sizes available.


Thermal Performance

Fully thermally broken, and as standard the X-Two is supplied with triple glazed polycarbonate glazing in either dome or pyramid and offers a Ud Value of 1.6W/m2 oKX-Two is also available in a range of glass specifications to meet specific site requirements.


Roof Attachments

Xtralite has developed a unique mounting system to aid attachment and make the installation process much simpler.

X-Two Splayed and the X-Two Vertical kerb (NB Vertical kerbs offer up to 40% greater daylight area)

Common features include 2mm inner and outer kerb wall with a minimum 15mm air gap, double gaskets between glazing and top of kerb. Fixing chambers drained to the outside of the building. 60mm protection cover at the weather edge of the membrane

Kerb Type A - Splayed Kerb Type A - Vertical  Kerb Type B - Splayed Kerb Type B - Vertical

Kerb Type A - Flat Board Insulation 

Add vertical risers to suit the depth of insulation specified - as standard supplied with a 130mm vertical attachment to ensure a good interface between board insultation and the rooflight kerb.

Kerb Type B - Tapered Insulation Schemes

Add vertical risers to suit the maximum depth of the tapered insulation scheme.





Kerb Type C - Splayed Kerb Tybe C - Vertical  Kerb Type E - Splayed Kerb Type E - Vertical

Kerb Type C - Fixing to cold roof. 

Splayed or Vertical Kerb 160mm high.

Kerb Type E 

160mm high for fixing to the of a newly constructed timber ground equal to or greater than the depth of the new insulation



Kerby Type F - Splayed Kerb Tybe F - Vertical  Kerb Type G - Splayed Kerb Type G - Vertical

Kerb Type F - “Sleeving Over” existing rooflight kerbs or protrusions in refurbishment situations 

Vertical risers are added to ensure the ventilation modules and or glazing do not foul the existing protrusions. For these applications we would recommend taking advantage of our site survey service – contact Xtralite for further information




Variable height using uPVC plugins for fixing to an existing builders kerb or plinth.





Kerby Type D       
Fixing direct to an existing or new builders



All of the above roof attachments or kerb types can be supplied with a range of ventilation options.



Hit and Miss Vent Rota 

Manually Operated Worm Gear Ven

Electrically Operated Chain Drive Motor

Provides minimal background ventilation and is controlled by means of a small sliding shutter over slots in the kerb wall protected by the weather edge.

Unique all PVCu “hopper” ventilator directs the airflow upward to reduce the risk of condensation forming on the glazing as well as preventing down draughts. The vent openings are fully protected reducing the risk of moisture, wind blown debris or grit entering the building


The whole rooflight top hinges open on a continuous co-extruded PVCu hinge to allow large areas of ventilation through the open area


230 or 24 volt motor drives the unit open to provide large areas of ventilation through the opening



Ventilation Benefits

  • The redesigned Rota ventilation system offers a maximum of 80cm squared per linear meter when fully opened which provides increased levels of ventilations over traditional rooflight vents
  • The system now directs air flow upward which reduces the risk of downdraughts and condensation forming
  • External vent openings are fully protected to reduce risk of moisture and roof grit entering the interior space
  • For the end-user the vent is actuated by a continuous T section which allows the unit to be easily opened and closed to a desired aperture
  • Vent can be opened fully or 50% - which means that ventilation areas can be controlled
  • Ventilation system fully drained – reducing the risk of water ingress.



Choice of glazing Media, polycarbonate, glass, or a combination of both – which means that it can meet the specific glazing performances in terms of fire, sound attenuation, U Value, G Value and impact resistance.

Triple glazed from enhanced UV Protected polycarbonate in domes or pyramids as standard.



Can be supplied complete with an intruder grid which locates between the rooflight kerb attachment and roof to reduce the risk of unwelcome intruders. In the case of Access hatches grids can be manufactured hinged and lockable.




Dometec is a new dui-skinned roof dome concept that achieves superior
acoustic performance to traditional triple skinned polycarbonate domes.

Combining Dometec technology into an X2 rooflight will achieve:

  • Light Transmission 56%
  • g-value 0.55
  • Ud-value 1.8w/m2k
  • Sound reduction 25Rw
  • Rain generated sound 60.3dB

Dometec technology delivers:

  • Improved light diffusion
  • Shadow-less light
  • Significant sound attenuation reduction
  • Thermal properties meet Building Regulations Part L
  • TPa Class 1 BS 476 fire (can be deemed class 0)

Size and Shape

The X-Two rooflights are bespoke products and a range of shapes are available including those shown here:


Guide Sizes (mm)

Square Rectangular
600 x 600 1200 x 1200 600 x 900 900 x 1800
750 x 750 1350 x 1350 600 x 1200 900 x 2400
900 x 900 1500 x 1500 600 x 1500 1000 x 1500
1000 x 10000 1800 x 1800 1000 x 2000 1000 x 2000
1050 x 1050   1200 x 1500 1200 x 1500
    1200 x 1800 1200 x 1800
    1200 x 2400 1200 x 2400

NB: Virtually any size can be accomodated - up to a maximum of 1200 mm x 2400 mm.



Manufactured by Xtralite with a 20 year insurance protected guarantee and fully compliant with all applicable UK Building Regulations and Health and Safety Requirements.


How to specify Xtralite rooflights

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