X-Emplar is Xtralite’s new sheer plane rooflight system that offers an overall Ud Value of just 1.1W/m2K.

The Xtralite Rooflight system maximises light transmission whilst reducing the risk of solar overheating, therefore reducing energy costs.

Improved Thermal Efficiency

X-Emplar’s advanced support structure coupled with a sheer plane glazing system is far less conductive than conventional rooflight systems. X-Emplar’s total system using Lumira Technology has a Ud value of 1.1 W/m2K, and with Lumira Plus – a G Value of 0.38. reducing the risk of solar overheating whilst maximising thermal insulation and light transmission.

More light in

With the advanced slimline glazing bar system and proportionally larger glazed area, X-Emplar delivers more light than conventional systems for a healthier, more pleasant environment.

Choice of glazing

X-Emplar can be used with or without Lumira, together with a unique natural IR Filter which reduces solar overheating. Unlike traditional infrared polycarbonate glazing materials, Xtralite and partners have developed a unique material offering high quality neutral light.

Tested for wind lift up and Non Fragility

X-Emplar is Class B, non fragile to ACR[M]001:2014 and has been tested for wind up lift to 5.4kN/m2.

Easy to handle, easy to install

A light, pre-fabricated and panelised system, X-Emplar is easy to install. It is designed and manufactured to suit on-site conditions and ensures a precise fit. Plus, it is covered by Xtralite’s 20 year insurance protected guarantee.

How to specify Xtralite rooflights

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