Pitched Polygon Rooflight

A round, faceted pyramid of truly striking beauty in the hands of a good engineer and architect, this product is notable for its popularity in the Middle and Far East where Xtralite have installed many.

There is an overwhelming level of engineering required to create such an extraordinary effect. This, coupled with the proportion of metal to glazing means that the pitched polygon is an extremely premium item.

  • Can be glazed in a range of polycarbonate options - from solid single skin for unheated spaces, to multi-wall structured and glass giving exceptional thermal performance for Part ‘L’ compliance.
  • Finished in powder white as standard, other options available on request.
  • Metal parts can also be colour coated with polyester powders, PVF2 or anodised.

The most usual geometry for these rooflights would be 30°, although 45° is not uncommon. The limits for slope ranges from 10° up to near vertical.


Maximum Base Square Up to 10.0m (self supporting).
Loading BS EN 1991-1-1:2002, BS EN 1991-1-7:2006+A1:2004.
Safety ACR[M]001:2005 Class B option available, 2014 FOR polycarbonate and CWCT Class 2 for glass.
Glazing Options Glazing in glass or structured and solid polycarbonate.
Thermal Performance Part L: below 1.3 W/m2K options available.
Fire Regulations BS 476 Part7:class1(1991) Class ‘0’ Tp(a).
Surface Finish Mill finish, polyester powder, PVF2 and anodised.

How to specify Xtralite rooflights

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