Vertical Glazing

The unique, aluminium framed Panelised Glazing system described previously is also a particularly effective light transmitting wall solution when used in conjunction with Nanogel® technology.

The Lumira technology uses aregal ganuales. They give excellent light transmission and diffusion for a ‘shadow-less’ light quality, ideal for
sports facilities for example, as well as improved sound reduction.

However, it is the substantial improvement in insulation performance that is most impressive with Nanogel®, due to the limited heat conduction of the granules. With Ud values as low as 0.91 W/m2K, substantial proportions of Lumira Panelised Glazing can be used for light transmitting walls within the constraints of Part L, unattainable with many other glazing systems. It is also worth remembering that the Panelised Glazing system is fabricated in the factory to suit each individual project, in line with the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) ethos, with minimal site work.

In addition to ensuring accuracy and consistent performance, this feature saves time—particularly as Xtralite products are not imported.


Maximum Spans Up to 2.5 m (self supporting).
Length Up to 5.0 m (supported).
Loading BS EN 1991-1-1:2002, BS EN 1991-1-7:2006+A1:2004
Safety ACR[M]001:2014 Class B option available.
Glazing Options 16 mm and 25 mm structured multi-wall polycarbonate.
Thermal Performance Part L: below 1.3 W/m2K options available.
Fire Regulations BS 476 Part 7: class 1(1991) Class ‘0’ Tp(a).
Surface Finish Mill finish and polyester powder.  White as standard, other colours available.