Structural Glazing

The most popular glazing materials currently used in the UK are glass and polycarbonate, both of which are the only rooflight glazing materials used in Xtralite products including the latest in advanced technology, Lumira sheet. Although their primary function is to let daylight in, we ensure that all of our materials are durable and meet the regulatory standards for thermal, fire and safety performance.

Over the last few decades, we have developed a universal structural glazing package especially for bespoke installations, offering architects complete design freedom whilst meeting the widest set of technical requirements.

When using our materials, architects and designers are able to choose from a wide spectrum of technical requirements and a range of interchangeable profiles which create unlimited shapes and sizes of rooflight structures. Our range of products is ideally suited to conservation projects and domestic projects.

In addition to bespoke rooflights within buildings, we also supply other structures such as canopies, walkways and smoking shelters.

Our designs can incorporate features such as:

·         ‘Cascade’ internal water management system

·         Customer engineered connections

·         Bespoke closures

·         Custom-designed flashings

·         20 year warranty

We know that there is more to successfully realising architectural concepts than simply a well-developed, comprehensive system of components which is why we have a skilled and experienced design team with expertise in glazing technology.

There are very few, if any, organisations with such a rich breadth of knowledge and range of skills as Xtralite. We recently upgraded our manufacturing facilities to allow for further expansion of our specialist Roof Glazing Division. Our team is comprise of Project Managers, Estimators, Design Engineers, CAD Operators, Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Installation Managers, Commercial Managers and a Technical Manager, all of whom can be contacted on 01670 354157. 






Nanogel Technology


Polycarbonate is a clear thermoplastic formed under heat and fixed in shape by cooling. It can be recycled and reused by re-heating to a plastic state.

- Exceptional impact resistance
- High levels of UV resistance
- Good fire resisting properties
- Wide range of clear, tinted, patterned and opaque finishes
- Co-extruded UV protection eliminates up to 95% of UV radiation from the inside of the building
- Can be moulded into many different shapes including domes and pyramids


Safety glass is commonly used in atria for commercial and retail environments and also in traditional pitched roofs.

Glass provides the benchmark against which the optical performance of other glazing solutions are measured.

- Excellent fire retarding properties
- Good impact performance
- High light transmission
- Long life expectancy with no UV discolouration
- Can be supplied with various laminates, surface treatments and interlayers to provide coloured and textured surfaces, for obscure and diffused finishes, solar control and total UV protection


Xtralite has introduced innovative Lumira®technology which combines impressive thermal, light transmission and acoustic characteristics.

Lumira® consists of translucent aerogel granules - filling clear polycarbonate multi-wall rooflight constructions - that allow light to pass through whilst serving as a highly effective thermal insulation.

The extremely small pore size means that air molecules collide with the silica lattice, rather than each other, transferring energy to it, substantially limiting heat conduction.

So, insulation performance is vastly improved, with U values for a triple-walled rooflight reduced from 2.4W/m2K without Lumira® to 1.3 W/m2K with the new technology.

Lumira® also offers excellent light transmission with diffusion giving a ‘shadow-less’ light quality, as well as a 25% reduction in sound transmittance (at 1,000Hz frequency).



Lumira Aerogel

Lumira Summary

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23_semicircular.jpg Semi-Circular Barrel Vault Rooflight

Semi-circular rooflight that tops the supporting structure; alternatively can be raised on vertical legs incorporating such features as windows, vents, or louvres.

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