Structural Glazing Lumira

Xtralite recently introduced Lumira technology, combining impressive thermal, light transmission and acoustic characteristics.

Lumira is made with translucent aerogel granules which fill clear polycarbonate multi-wall rooflight constructions, allowing light to pass through whilst serving as a highly effective thermal insulation. The extremely small pore size means that air molecules collide with the silica lattice, rather than each other, transferring energy to it, substantially limiting heat conduction and retaining heat inside.

Lumira provides vastly improved insulation performance with U values for a triple-walled rooflight reduced from 2.4W/m²K without Lumira to 1.3 W/m²K with the new technology.

Lumira also offers excellent light transmission with diffusion giving a shadow less light quality, as well as a 25% reduction in sound transmittance (at 1,000Hz frequency). 


6_xemplar.jpg X-Emplar

X-Emplar is Xtralite’s new sheer plane rooflight system that offers an overall Ud Value of just 1.1W/m2K.

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18_mono.jpg Mono-Pitched Rooflight

Perhaps the most universally used system for closing and providing a glazed cover.

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19_pitchedpolygon.jpg Pitched Polygon Rooflight

A round, faceted pyramid of truly striking beauty.

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21_ridglight.jpg Ridgelight

Xtralite's range of Ridged Rooflights are typically used to cover and light corridors, walkways and monospaces.

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22_selfsupppyr.jpg Self Supporting Pyramid Rooflight

As the name suggests, these pyramid rooflights do not require any additional support, except an upstand or kerb to which it can be attached.

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20_modular.jpg Panelised Glazing - Linked Modular System

A unique aluminium-framed polycarbonate glazing panel system that can reduce site installation time by as much as 70%, due to its ease of fixing.

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