Structural Glazing Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a clear thermoplastic formed under heat and fixed in shape through cooling. It’s hard, durable and versatile nature makes it perfect for construction projects and can be moulded into a range of shapes to suit every project including domes and pyramids. It can also be recycled and reused by heating it to a plastic state.

Polycarbonate retains its light transmission qualities and resists UV discolouration making it a long-lasting and durable material. It also has exceptional impact resistance which is why it’s a popular material used in rooflights.

We supply a wide range of clear, tinted, patterned and opaque finishes and, co-extruded UV protection which eliminates up to 95% of UV radiation from inside the building. 


26_verticalpanel.jpg Vertical Glazing

The unique, aluminium framed Panelised Glazing system described previously is also a particularly effective light transmitting wall solution when used in conjunction with Nanogel® technology.

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6_xemplar.jpg X-Emplar

X-Emplar is Xtralite’s new sheer plane rooflight system that offers an overall Ud Value of just 1.1W/m2K.

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16_hippedend.jpg Hipped End Ridgelight

Ability to introduce more daylight than any other type of rooflight construction.

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18_mono.jpg Mono-Pitched Rooflight

Perhaps the most universally used system for closing and providing a glazed cover.

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19_pitchedpolygon.jpg Pitched Polygon Rooflight

A round, faceted pyramid of truly striking beauty.

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21_ridglight.jpg Ridgelight

Xtralite's range of Ridged Rooflights are typically used to cover and light corridors, walkways and monospaces.

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22_selfsupppyr.jpg Self Supporting Pyramid Rooflight

As the name suggests, these pyramid rooflights do not require any additional support, except an upstand or kerb to which it can be attached.

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20_modular.jpg Panelised Glazing - Linked Modular System

A unique aluminium-framed polycarbonate glazing panel system that can reduce site installation time by as much as 70%, due to its ease of fixing.

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