Structural Glazing Glass

Glass is typically used in atria for commercial and retail environments and also in traditional pitched roofs. Glass provides a cost-effective solution for modern designs allowing in more daylight and minimising heat loss for both and can also be used in rooflights for the domestic home.

Glass provides the benchmark against which the optical performance of other glazing solutions is measured.

When used in rooflights, glass must always be  safety glass and toughened to resist damage and cracking, our products are manufactured and tested for safety in order to meet regulations. Fire safety is also paramount and our glass is aligned with building regulations.

Glass is not subject to damage from weathering or UV discolouration so provides a long-term solution however, it can be supplied with various laminates, surface treatments and interlayers to provide coloured and textured surfaces, for obscure and diffused finished, solar control and total UV protection. 


26_verticalpanel.jpg Vertical Glazing

The unique, aluminium framed Panelised Glazing system described previously is also a particularly effective light transmitting wall solution when used in conjunction with Nanogel® technology.

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14_s line rooflight.jpg S-Line Rooflight

Available in a choice of styles with standard or specialised glazing options, S-Line rooflights are suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

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16_hippedend.jpg Hipped End Ridgelight

Ability to introduce more daylight than any other type of rooflight construction.

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17_barrelvault.jpg Low-Profile Barrel Vault Rooflights

Elegant low rise arc spanning between supporting structures.

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18_mono.jpg Mono-Pitched Rooflight

Perhaps the most universally used system for closing and providing a glazed cover.

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19_pitchedpolygon.jpg Pitched Polygon Rooflight

A round, faceted pyramid of truly striking beauty.

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21_ridglight.jpg Ridgelight

Xtralite's range of Ridged Rooflights are typically used to cover and light corridors, walkways and monospaces.

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22_selfsupppyr.jpg Self Supporting Pyramid Rooflight

As the name suggests, these pyramid rooflights do not require any additional support, except an upstand or kerb to which it can be attached.

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