Rooflights Custom

As the leading independent rooflight manufacturer, Xtralite offers the widest range of rooflights available, suitable for all applications and building types. 

Xtralite's Standard Rooflights are available in a range of standard sizes, and are available from stock from our distribution centre.

Xtralite rooflights, are available with polycarbonate glazing in a variety of shapes and colours, but also glass glazing in metal frames, which is becoming increasingly popular with specifiers.

Each of Xtralite's rooflights ranges has an array of options. To aid specifiers in the selection process Xtralite has created a simple Specification Guide, designed to help formulate the rooflight configuration required.

Features and Benefits 

  • All Xtralite rooflights are individually manufactured in the UK to order and so are effectively bespoke products, offering the widest possible flexibility.
  • A full 20-year insured protected guarentee is available on all Xtralite standard rooflights.
  • Xtralite standard rooflights offer low Uvalues, which is a requirement of Part L.
  • Virtually any size can be accomodated, up to a maximum size of 1200mm x 2400mm.
  • The various polycarbonate glazing layers in Xtralite rooflights can be supplied in four types of colours; clear, opal, bronze or diffused.
  • Offered in lieu of polycarbonate, double glazed insulated glass units can be supplied and provide a low U value alternative.
  • Xtralite rooflights can incorporate a range of ventilation, access and security systems.

Thermal Efficiency 

The range primarily reflects the level of thermal efficiency (Ud value) and hence its suitability for particular applications. It is recommended that the appropriate X-Range be selected first using its Ud value as a guide, followed by the required size, shape and glazing.

We offer full Consulting and Design services to help plan a suitable bespoke solution for your needs and then are able to Manufacture onsite at our facility in Blyth, Northumberland.

We also offer free site surveys by one of our experienced team to ensure that your project is completed in the most cost-effective way.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our experienced team.


5_dds-thumb.jpg DDS Light Pipes

The DDS Light Pipe diverts daylight into indoor areas normally lacking in natural light. They act as a conduit between internal ceilings and external roofs.

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Access-Hatch-Illustration-02.jpg Access Hatch

Access Hatch is a new single leaf, alumnium unit with fully insulated thermal break and seal to reduce the risk of draughts and condensation.

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4_Product_list_Xone.jpg X-One Rooflight

This latest range from Xtralite represents the future of rooflights, with an exceptionally low Ud value of 1.3 exceeding the requirements of Part L. The X-One also benefits from low air leakage rates, and optimal performance and flexibility.

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DSC_7676.jpg X-Two Rooflight

The X-Two range of rooflights represents the next generation of rooflight design featuring many product innovations. The unique suite of interchangeable PVCu extrusions are designed to ensure both splayed and vertical kerbs are available to suit a precise height enabling the kerb to be fixed direct to the roof deck no matter what the depth of insulation required.

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8_Product_list_Xthree.jpg X-Three Rooflight

The X-Three thermally broken, metal system offers considerable flexibility whilst complying with the maximum allowable (under Part L) Ud value of 2.2 W/m2K. Frames and kerbs are finished in white as standard but coloured kerbs are also available.

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9_Product_list_Xfour.jpg X-Four Rooflight

The X-Four GRP kerbed system is designed for circular rooflights whilst also complying with the maximum allowable Ud value (under Part L) of 2.2.

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10_Product_list_Xfive.jpg X-Five Rooflight

The X-Five metal system offers considerable flexibility for unheated areas where thermal insulation is not an important criterion. Frames and kerbs are finished in white as standard but coloured kerbs are also available.

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11_Product_list_XGlaze.jpg X-Glaze Polycarbonate Glazing

The X-Glaze rooflight range provides single, double or triple skin polycarbonate glazing units for direct fixing to a builder’s kerb or upstand.

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12_Product_list_Continuous.jpg Continuous Rooflights

Xtralite Continuous Rooflights have been introduced for fast-track procurement of linear rooflight systems up to 2.4m wide.

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IMG_3953.jpg AOV Rooflights

Xtralite have developed a range of modular smoke ventilation AOV rooflights to specifically mimic the standard range of Xtralite’s modular rooflights.

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