Welcome to the Xtralite Product Selector – the quick and easy way to find the right modular rooflight for your project. Simply use the filters to narrow down your search. Once done you can save a link to your selection or forward it to us to get a quote.

Usage tips:

  1. If you know you definitely want a specific X-range series choose that first. Otherwise start with the configuration options.
  2. In the configuration options, start with those that are most important to you.
  3. Next, you can customise your choice to include roof attachment and ventilation options, shape, size and colour
  4. If you find a preferred selection is not available, clear the filters and start over.
  5. Don’t forget to save your selection or send us a quote request.
X-One Range

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Your Product Code Explained

All of our standard modular rooflights will start with code XT, which simply denotes Xtralite.

This is the X-Range that your rooflight is chosen from: X-One, X-Two etc. You can see descriptions for each X-Range option at the top of this page

The type of glazing you have chosen. This will be either Glass, Polycarbonate, Hybrid or Solid. X-One rooflights are built with a hybrid double-glazed unit covered by a single skin, polycarbonate dome. All other rooflights are available in glass and polycarbonate options. Solid denotes an option with a solid insulated lid (no light transmission).

Xtralite rooflights offer a flexible range of options for fixing your roof light to the roof. The available options are explained on our modular rooflights page here.

A wide range of ventilation options are offered across most of our rooflights. The available options are explained on our modular rooflights page here.

This is the external shape of the rooflight as viewed from the roof. Glass rooflights are supplied as flat-topped insulated units, in either flat or pitched orientations. Polycarbonate rooflights are supplied as domes as standard, but pyramids are also available on request. Solid rooflights are flat.

Glass units are supplied in clear glass as standard. Other colours can be provided by special request.

Polycarbonate and hybrid rooflights are available in either clear of diffused as standard. Bronze and Opal units can also be ordered by special request

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