Polycarbonate is a proven material for rooflight manufacture, providing an ideal combination of strength and durability plus excellent thermal insulation properties.

Modular rooflights in polycarbonate are available in either triple skin or double skin configurations, dependent on the level of thermal insulation required. Choose from clear or diffused options and a variety of shape, size and profile options.

For the optimum thermal performance characteristics choose a triple skin rooflight from the Xtralite X-Two range. Or choose our new Dometec option, which combines a double skinned rooflight with an inner core of non-combustible, sound insulating translucent fibre. Dometec technology achieves superior acoustic performance, improved light diffusion and shadow-less light.

Xtralite offers polycarbonate rooflights in a wide range of sizes and shape profiles, including a comprehensive selection of standard sizes normally available from stock and a flexible design and manufacture service for bespoke requirements.

Xtralite modular rooflights are based on our X- Range series, which offer U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K°. With X-Range, you have a choice of glazing materials across glass, polycarbonate and our innovative new Dometec option

Dometec Technology


Dometec is a new duo-skinned roof dome concept that achieves superior acoustic performance to traditional triple skinned polycarbonate domes.

Dometec comprises an outer skin of 3mm enhanced UV protected polycarbonate with an inner skin of 2mm diffused polycarbonate and an inner core of sound insulating translucent firbe.

Combining Dometec technology into an X-Two rooflight will achieve: 

  • Light Transmission 56%
  • g-value 0.55
  • Ud-value 1.8w/m2k
  • Sound reduction 25Rw
  • Rain generated sound 60.3dB

Dometec technology delivers: 

  • Improved light diffusion
  • Shadow-less light
  • Significant sound attenuation reduction
  • Thermal properties meet Building Regulations Part L
  • TPa Class 1 BS 476 fire (can be deemed class 0)

Modular Rooflights


Xtralite offer a comprehensive range of modular rooflights, available in Polycarbonate, Glass, hybrid glass/polycarbonate and Dometec glazing.

Our modular rooflights are based on our X-Range series, which offer an unrivalled choice of size, shape, ventilation and roof attachment options. Choosing rooflights from the Xtralite X-Range series ensures compliance with the thermal insulation requirements of Building Regulations, Part L. It is possible to achieve a U-value as low as 1.0 W/m2K°.

Fixing Options


There are three aspects to consider in selecting the roof fixing attachment:

1. The shape of the opening, which can be rectangular, square or circular.

2. The method of attaching the rooflight to the roof. You can choose from 7 standard attachment (or foot) types, which are labeled A to G.

3. The inclusion of an optional intruder grid for added security. Intruder grids are a specifiable, extra cost option on all Xtralite rooflights.

Further information on how to choose your fixing arrangement can be found in our Resources section. Select Specifying the Right Rooflight from the literature gallery. 

Our available roof attachments are shown below.


Xtralite X-Range: Roof Attachments
A Flat Board Insulation
B Cut to Falls Insulation
C Cold Roof
D Built-up Kerb
E New Timber Ground
F Sleeve Over an Existing Kerb or Upstand
G Existing Built-up Kerb

Ventilation Options


Rooflights, as well as introducing light to the interior of a building can be used to provide ventilation, extraction of stale and the introduction of fresh air. Xtralite provide a range of differing systems with varying performance levels.

For further information, download the Natural Ventilation brochure from the Literature Gallery within our Resources Library.

Xtralite X-Range: Ventilation Options
Code Ventilation Type X-One X-Two X-Three X-Five
00 Unventilated
02 Hit & Miss  
02 Rota Vent    
03 Wormgear  
04G Hinged access - Gas Springs    
04E Hinged Access - Electric Actuators    
05 24v DC Motor    
06 Chain Drive Opening  
08 Permanent Vent
12E Electric Sliding Opener    
12M Manual Sliding Opener    
13 Extract Vent  
14 Trickle Vent  

Glazing Options


Xtralite offers a number of choices for polycarbonate glazing in modular rooflights.

Glazing is supplied triple skin for optimal thermal insulation and Building Regulations compliance. You can specify colour and security options:

Colour Options


Colour Options
  • High light transmission
  • Allows full visibility of views and objects
  • Consider the effects of possible glare
  • Maximises privacy
  • High levels of light transmission
  • Diffuses light to avoid glare and shadows
  • Prevents vision of views and objects
  • Maximises privacy
  • Diffuses light to avoid glare and shadows
  • Prevents vision of views and objects
  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Reduces light transmission into the building


Options for enhanced security include:

  • Intruder grid - positioned between the glazing and the roof opening, this grid is made from 4mm solid steel, fully welded mesh in a 75mm grid
  • Security Screws
  • Security Frame


Complying with Part L


These rooflights hold excellent thermal insulation properties to meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.

Downloadable Datasheets


Technical datasheets are available for each of our X-Series range of rooflights. These can be foun d in the Resources section, alongside product brochures, tehcnical drawings and other useful information.

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