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Xtralite's next generation rooflight continues to impress

Xtralite’s next generation roof light continues to offer the industry greater flexibility during the installation process.

The X2 range was developed to provide a solution to differing roof insulation thicknesses which can cause complications during the rooflight installation process. One of its unique features and probably the most visible is its suite of interchangeable and interlocking PVC extruded kerbs. This system eradicates the need to construct metal frames or timber grounds as the vertical riser sections can accommodate both flat board and tapered insulation schemes therefore offering a totally bespoke kerb height solution.

Following a two-year research and development process Jim Lowther, Sales Director at Xtralite explains why the X2 is so popular: “It’s simple, the X2 offers greater flexibility in its unique design but also addresses requirements for increased sustainability and building performance.”

As well as the interchangeable kerb heights, Xtralite has incorporated a host of design features into the X2. The ventilation has been overhauled to provide numerous benefits. The new design vent offers a maximum of 802cm per linear metre when fully opened which provides increased levels of ventilation over traditional rooflight vents, the system directs air flow upward toward the underside of the glazing which reduces risk of downdraughts and condensation forming. Additionally, the external vent openings are fully protected to reduce risk of moisture and roof grit entering and for the user the vent is actuated by a continuous T section which allows the unit to be easily opened and closed to a desired aperture.

Jim continued: “It was our priority to produce the next generation rooflight that surpasses any industry expectations. The interchangeable and interlocking suite of PVC extrusions is revolutionary in itself but in addition to this is the re-design of the vent which provides greater user comfort whilst benefitting from superior performance.

“All this culminates in a rooflight that not only offers an ‘off the shelf’ yet bespoke solution it affords contractors with a simplified process in which to install the rooflights meaning they can easily be incorporated into both retro-fit projects or new builds.”

Additional features include a choice of glazing from polycarbonate to glass or even a combination of both which meet specific glazing performances such as U and G values, sound attenuation or impact resistance. A double gasket has been added to create a positive seal between the glazing and kerb, reducing the risk of cold bridging and therefore condensation. To further assist the installation process a 60mm removable continuous flange has been added to allow for the application of roofing membrane which also helps with weather protection and reduces the risk of water ingress behind the membrane.

And, last but by no means least, the opening unit itself benefits from a continuous fully protected hinge for increased stability which also reduces the risk of an intruder attack and as the hinge is constructed using extruded PVC it offers maintenance free operation.

When it comes to aesthetics the X2 is a class on its own. Its ergonomic design and smart appearance of the PVCu extrusion both internally and externally means that the X2 not only performs to the highest level of functionality, offers practicality during the installation process but it also offers a superior and more contemporary look.

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