Xtralite unveils revolutionary X-Emplar glazing system

Xtralite Rooflights, the UK’s largest manufacturer of rooflights and glazing systems has pushed the boundaries in high performance glazing to unprecedented levels with the launch of its new X-Emplar system.

The X-Emplar modular roof glazing system is the result of an extensive two-year research and development programme and has been created to outperform predicted forthcoming revision to Part L of the Building Regulations 2010 concerning U-Values due to come into force in 2013.

Current Building Regulations stipulate the overall Ud Value of a system - the average insulation value of a rooflight allowing for the effects of any glazing bars, kerbs or thermal bridges – must be no higher than 2.2W/m2K, and this may be reduced under next year’s scheduled amendments.

Xtralite’s revolutionary X-Emplar system offers a whole system Ud Value of just 1.1W/m2K when used in conjunction with LumiraTM aerogel (formerly known as Nanogel), giving architects and designers the ability to incorporate large areas of high quality diffuse light while maintaining the required insulation levels.

In addition to the independent thermal test and calculations undertaken, Xtralite also wanted to test the system for wind uplift to ensure it would meet the most stringent conditions. X-Emplar far exceeds UK requirements and went on to achieve a loading of 5.4kN/m2 before the tests were halted.

The X-Emplar system has been expertly designed by Xtralite’s engineers to achieve a high thermal performance, with good quality natural daylight, using LumiraTM glazing technology.

In addition Xtralite has worked closely with its supply chain partners to develop a co-extruded polycarbonate to deliver a low G value material which provides good quality neutral light into buildings. This material is particularly useful in conditions where good colour rendition is required, such as in retail and education environments.

Bob Tweedy, Managing Director at Xtralite Rooflights, comments: “Here at Xtralite we are continually investing in and developing our products and level of service offering to remain a step ahead of the needs of our customers and legislation. We are delighted to officially unveil our X-Emplar System, which truly pushes the boundaries in rooflight performance, and complements our existing market-leading products.”