Xtralite’s market leading S-Line Pyramid rooflights and interlocking XLS rapid link polycarbonate modular glazing system have been installed within the flat roof of Letchworth Library during a refurbishment of the facility.

The project benefited from the use of Xtralite’s products and the expert knowledge of its team after Hertfordshire County Council's consultant Mouchel demanded a high quality roof light solution for the library.

The Pyramid style lights, complemented by rows of Xtralite’s made-to-measure light weight aluminium-framed XLS rapid link modular glazing systems, ensured that the available roof space was utilised in the most efficient way possible to deliver optimum levels of natural light to the rooms below.

Xtralite manufactured the Pyramid style rooflights with LumiraTM aerogel (formerly known as nanogel). Lumira is a prime diffusing glazing material known for its excellent insulation qualities and low U value, in line with Part L of the Building Regulations, and is far easier to maintain than clear glazing.

The XLS rapid link modular glazing systems, which are specially manufactured by Xtralite for each project, removed the need for cutting or fabrication on site, significantly reducing installation times.

Steve Harris from HCC's Building Management Department said, "With more pressure on the County Council resources, it was essential within the roofing project that as well as creating a well insulated building that we also provided a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for users as we continue to improve the quality of our Libraries to Hertfordshire residents. The use of the LumiraTM aerogel  was essential to ensure we provided  glare free, full spectrum diffused lighting which has provided a much improved environment for learning".

Neil Philips, Senior Building Surveyor from infrastructure and business services Group Mouchel, said:“In keeping with our specification, The Xtralite team created a series of bespoke roof lights with fenestration that replicated the originals, so as to preserve the historical appearance of the building.  They remained on hand to offer their support and expertise throughout the project.”

Jim Lowther, Sales Director at Xtralite Rooflights, added: “We were delighted to work with Hertfordshire County Council via Mouchel on the refurbishment of Letchworth Library. This is a great example of how seeking manufacturer advice early in a project enables us to deliver cost-effective, high quality, bespoke roof light solutions which meet customer requirements while significantly reducing installation time.”

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