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What are the Benefits of Natural Light in Retail Premises?

Want to know what the secret to happy customers is? The answer could be more daylight. Studies have proven that natural daylight in retail premises can lead to more sales and happier, more productive employees.

Retailers are constantly on the lookout for ways to provide a better in-store experience for customers. Lighting can often be overlooked when business owners are looking to improve and grow their businesses but it’s a crucial element in the retail experience. Daylight helps to reduce eye strain and can increase visual performance which means that customers and employees can perform tasks for longer and more accurately. Therefore, natural daylight can have a positive effect on overall shopping experience.

Boost Mood                                                          

Multiple studies have shown that sunlight acts as a great mood booster and happy, comfortable customers are more likely to buy more goods more frequently. Similarly to playing soft music in the background to create a calm and relaxing mood, an increase in daylight creates a more welcoming environment. If you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to spend time browsing. Did you know that retail stores with more daylight can actually see a 40% increase in sales compared to poorly-lit environments? Take advantage of these huge benefits of daylight in order to create a retail space where customers can’t wait to shop.

Increase Profits

If you increase the amount of daylight in a retail building, not only will you help your customers to feel happier and more relaxed, your staff will also benefit too. And this means that your profits could increase.

Employees spend hours of the day, every day in your store and, most of the time, are a customer’s first point of contact with your business. Would you prefer for your customers to come into contact with a demotivated, tired member of staff or a happy, well-rested and upbeat member of staff?

More exposure to daylight helps to improve employee satisfaction, reduce errors and increase productivity by up to 10%. If you reduce stress levels for employees and make them more comfortable at work, you help to increase customer service quality and provide customers with a better overall shopping experience.

Save Energy

Not only will natural daylight make your customers and employees happier, more comfortable and more relaxed, it will also help you to save on energy costs. More daylight means less reliance on electric lighting so you don’t have to have lights on throughout the day. A building with natural daylight needs less artificial lighting and so you will have reduced energy costs.

How to Increase Natural Daylight

Roof lights are a great way to introduce more natural daylight into a retail building in order to take advantage of the above benefits. One common aversion many business owners have with allowing natural daylight into a building is that the sunlight can often bring heat and harmful UV rays with it. At Xtralite, our products combat these problems. Our roof light materials are designed to reflect sunlight in the summer and help to keep a building warm in winter. Treated with UV protection to protect the materials and building from harmful damage. Visit our product pages to find out more about our materials and their benefits.

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