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Training and Development Available Through NARM CPD With Rooflight Manufacturer

Training, development and awareness continue to be of critical importance when specifying products in buildings.

With this in mind, one leading rooflight manufacturer, Xtralite, is now offering a NARM (National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers) RIBA accredited CPD course which will see members of its team visit architects and specifiers to deliver on-site training.

“The integration of daylight into modern buildings is a primary consideration and rooflights can play a vital part in delivering this and the benefits associated with it,” said Jim Lowther Head of Sales Xtralite Ltd. “It has been proven that daylight is critical to the health and wellbeing of building users and occupants and our one day course covers key elements to raise awareness of incorporating natural light in our buildings.”

The course has five modules which include daylight in the built environment, the role of rooflights in energy saving and emissions reduction, an overview of rooflight systems and applications, rooflighting basic designs and rooflighting legislation and standards.

“Our course will unlock the specifics behind rooflights, explain how they are integrated into design schemes and tackle the important legislative elements that users are required to adhere to,” said Jim. “As well as building user benefits, rooflights have also been proven to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions and, as more builders and construction professionals place this as a priority, rooflights can be one way in which more energy efficient buildings can be achieved.

“Rooflights are no longer just specified in flat roofs and can be integrated into the most eye-catching, cutting-edge building designs,” Jim concluded. “We look forward to educating industry professionals on the potential impact it could deliver for building designs in the future.”

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