Top Advantages of Skylights in the Home

Daylight is a natural, renewable source of energy. That means that it’s never going to run out and doesn’t produce fumes or gases that are harmful to the environment. Daylight has been used as a primary source of light in interiors before the availability of artificial light and has always been an implicit and essential part of architecture for as long as buildings have existed. Not only do skylights provide natural daylight during the day, helping to reduce energy use, it also influences the cooling and heating of the home. We have listed just a few of the benefits of installing skylights in the home.

Energy Efficient

Installing skylights in the home can significantly reduce the need for electric lighting during the day, reducing carbon emissions and the cost to the homeowner of lighting their home even on the darkest winter days.

Not only do skylights help to reduce the use of artificial lighting, they also help to reduce the need for heating and cooling energies. In the winter, skylights and their materials help to absorb the available heat from the sun and keep rooms warm, whereas in the summer, they can reflect the light and contribute to keeping the room cool.

Skylights provide homeowners with much lower energy bills by reducing lighting costs and overall energy consumption. As the government strive towards a greener future, high quality and energy efficient skylights are a hugely important part of building designs in today’s green homes. Skylights with ventilation can also help to minimise the need for fans in warmer months.

Extra Lighting

Allowing additional natural light into the home is the primary reason most homeowners have skylights installed in their homes. Did you know that we require two to three times more light to see by the age of 60 than we do in our 20’s?

Skylights have the ability to transform living areas into open, bright and airy spaces. In addition to cutting energy consumption and providing us with more natural light to conduct daily activities, daylight also has a wide range of health benefits.

Health Benefits

We’re all fully aware of the benefits of natural light on our psychological and physical well-being. Exposure to sunlight helps our bodies to produce Vitamin D which helps to regulate our mood and energy levels, making us feel more awake and alert during the daytime and helping to sleep in the evening. Natural daylight has proven to be a good addition to commercial workplaces in addition to private homes for these reasons.


In an age where houses are crowded into any available space, providing sufficient natural light whilst still retaining privacy has become a major issue. 65% of homeowners now request light from above in their bathrooms, a room where privacy and light are of the utmost importance.

Planning permission

Skylights are often a great way to introduce extra sunlight into your home without having to seek planning permission. Planning permission is rarely an issue but it’s still worth double checking before going ahead with any works.