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Three Ways to Enhance Space with a Rooflight

In the UK, we spend half of the year in darkness. During the winter months, we wake up in the dark and get home from work in the dark with many of us missing out on seeing daylight during the week. This means that we need to make the most of any daylight we can expose ourselves to and is one of the reasons that rooflights are such a great solution in both commercial and residential buildings. We all know how beneficial natural light can be for our health and well-being so we’ve outlined 3 of the ways you can enhance space by installing a rooflight.

1. Light

Unlike standard windows, rooflights can capture light at all angles and times of the day. Standard windows are placed on the side of a building and the light they capture all depends on the location of the sun. Placed on the roof, rooflights are able to capture light from the sun as it moves around the building and help occupants to enjoy the sunlight throughout the day.

Natural light makes homes feel lighter and more welcoming and has been proven to increase productivity and concentration in a commercial or educational environment. Installing a rooflight can bring a new lease of life to a building. What was once a drab, dark office space will become a hive of activity with the introduction of a rooflight.

In addition to making us feel healthier and more awake, allowing light into a room also helps to increase the feeling of space and transforms the room by making it feel much bigger.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is an ever-increasing concern but it can be difficult to cut usage in our everyday lives. Rooflights are hugely beneficial when it comes to cutting the use of artificial lights and means that even on the darkest winter days, use of light can be reduced until sunlight starts to fade.

The materials used to design the rooflight can also have an impact on the energy efficiency of a building and must always be considered when specifying rooflights. We supply glass and polycarbonate rooflight materials which are coated with UV protection in order to prevent overheating inside. At Xtralite, we also provide a range of glazing solutions to prevent heat loss from the building.

Rooflights are an environmentally friendly solution to reap the benefits of light and space in the home.

3. Increase health and well-being

There are many factors that affect our lives including our lifestyles, work and home but many people ignore the effect that natural daylight can have on our health and well-being.

We spend most of our time indoors either at work or at home, especially in the winter months so it’s becoming more and more important to make sure that our homes and workplaces are improved to increase our overall mood and well-being. The correct amount of daylight at the right time helps us to be more productive during the day and enjoy better sleep quantity and quality. Daylight helps to regulate our circadian rhythms and is crucial to making us feel healthier and more alert.

Whilst letting daylight in is an important factor, studies have also shown that top priorities for office workers are being able to see out and see the weather. Introducing a rooflight is one of the simplest ways to make this connection and help people to absorb more daylight both at home and in the office.

At Xtralite, we provide a wide range of materials, advice and guidance to help you specify the correct rooflight for every project and to make sure occupants of the building benefit from the additional light. 

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