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Revolutionary Product provides Smoke Safety

A new product by leading rooflight manufacturer Xtralite will deliver huge benefits to the construction industry in terms of smoke ventilation and safety both in new build, retro-fit and restoration projects.

Xtralite has developed an Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) which provides enhanced connectivity and boasts a powerful 24-volt electric motor which effortlessly powers the arms which open the vent. Upon detection of smoke the vent will open automatically through an integrated system giving building users peace of mind.

“Our AOV fulfils a market niche in that it combines the aesthetics and practicalities of a rooflight and the essential safety of smoke ventilation,” said Jim Lowther sales director Xtralite. “Increased flexibility is now given to specifiers to embrace the credentials of this exceptional product which supports essential requirements in commercial applications keeping buildings and people safe.”

Smoke and heat ventilation systems are designed to ensure a natural flow of smoke from the building to the atmosphere and AOV’s fulfil this requirement by giving building managers a safety option that reduces the build-up of heat and allows cool air to enter the building whilst also aiding the egress of building occupants.

It is worthy of note that the product has been tested to EN12101 – 2:2003, a legal requirement under the Construction Products Regulation 2013 and the European standard for smoke and heat control systems and supersedes BS7346:1991 as the UK’s product standard.

A system of sensors, and a control panel which can be individually designed to suit requirements, provides the operational aspect of the AOV.  Other benefits include a streamlined and powerful motor which ensures that a 1.5sqm rooflight can be opened with ease and that full opening can be achieved incrementally. Furthermore, additional security features reduce the risk of intruder attack and ensure the rooflight remains secure during inclement weather conditions.

“We are able to offer a bespoke service on our AOV rooflights manufacturing them to individual size requirements and, as they are manufactured in our UK based factory, our customers can enjoy realistic lead times,” said Jim. “We are pleased to be able to provide a practical solution to the industry in this area drawing on our knowledge in this sector and feel that this is a significant step forward in protecting buildings and users in the future.”

To supplement the AOV rooflights Xtralite also offers a series of compatible control panels and sensors further aiding simplistic specification.

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