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Made in Britain - Xtralite's Commitment to the Supply Chain

As the short-term future and mechanics of British business and supply chain continues to be challenged and questioned, businesses such as Xtralite are well placed to support customer demand and the architectural and building sectors with ongoing supply of our quality products.


All of our products, from our rooflights to our structural glazing components, are made in the UK and, to facilitate the demands placed upon us by contractors both in the new build and refurbishment sector, we have always ensured exemplary levels of stock are maintained; this remains the case now.




Established in 1993 and proud of coining the phrase ‘Daylight by Design’ our approach to innovative designs for daylighting solutions has never been far from the overall aim of our business. And now, as the health and wellbeing benefits of being exposed to natural light continue to gather pace in a variety of sectors, not least those that are designing the buildings and those that are using them, we continue to champion best practice and drive innovation.


It is only in the last decade or so that research has extolled the virtue of daylight. Over that time, it’s been proven to increase productivity, mental alertness and wellbeing and we actively work with all sectors of the construction industry so that the residents, students, children and workers of the UK can benefit from nature in this way. In addition to the benefits of daylight through glazing our products also support ventilation (both natural and smoke) and glazing solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, whilst still balancing practicality and legal necessities.




It’s not just about the manufacturing of the product though that has placed us as one of the leading rooflight and structural glazing manufacturers in the UK. Throughout our history we have been a leading figure in outlining and adhering to best practice, been actively involved in driving glazing design and use to make buildings more aesthetically pleasing and practical, and been instrumental in establishing and reinforcing safety standards for all roof glazing.   The company  was also a founding member, and continues to be active within the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM) which is the industry voice and which shares information and knowledge, drives ongoing research and supports the UK construction industry in how glazing is used both where required and where desired.




Whilst there may be challenges ahead for UK construction and manufacturing let’s not lose sight of the fact that as a nation we are the 9th most productive in the world. And, should the trend continue it is expected that we will make the top five by 2021. (Source: The Manufacturer) Let’s tackle any challenge we meet head on, be proud that we are a British manufacturer and build on the heritage that makes us just a small part of what makes Britain a great place to do business.

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