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FIRST PERSON: Bob Tweedy, managing director of Xtralite (Rooflights) Limited
Founded: 1993
Location: Northumberland
Specialism: Rooflights
No. of employees: 73

In the early 1990s I was working for a rooflighting business acquired by a huge PLC, and a decision was made to take the business down south.

We had such a wealth of rooflighting expertise here in the North East, and so I, along with three colleagues, decided to start our own business and employ those who wanted to stay in the area.

That was 18 years ago and today we are proud to be the UK’s largest producer of rooflights.

The team’s unrivalled technical expertise, coupled with our loyal customer base, has enabled continuous business growth. We are currently ramping up our work in the retail sector and expanding our factory by 27,000 sq ft.

The industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years but our focus has always centred on delivering the highest standards of innovation and customer service.

We were the first UK roofing company to offer a 20 year insurance backed guarantee across our entire product range, and the first to bring the revolutionary Nanogel® aerogel glazing technology, (recently rebranded LumiraTM), into the UK.
All of our quality and environmentally accredited systems are made to order at our manufacturing facilities in Blyth and our client base spans the UK, Middle East and Far East.

It sounds a cliché but we always go the extra mile for our clients. Our technical experts can conduct site visits, surveys, arrange specification and price, and even carry out the installation to make life easier for the contractors. And none of the directors are adverse to rolling their sleeves up and joining the team on the shop floor.

Right now it is an exciting time for the business and we have high hopes for 2012 and beyond.