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Choosing the Best Roof Light for Commercial Buildings

Roof lights have become a popular addition to many commercial buildings across the UK. Research has found that people who work in naturally lit environments are happier, more productive and sleep better at night. Customers are also more likely to spend more time and money in retail environments flooded with natural light. Choosing the best roof light for your commercial building can be tricky and all depends on why you’re installing the roof light, the effect on your staff or customers and your growth targets.

When you’re the owner of a commercial building, you must take the comfort of your staff, customers and clients into account. Your flooring and decor should be appealing to staff and clients entering the building. You also need to take care of your building’s electrical needs along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning to ensure the comfort and happiness of the occupants of the building. Your roof is a huge part of this and should always do its job efficiently and effectively because it can have a huge impact on your staff and customers.

Roof lights are so much more than an aesthetically pleasing element to add to a building. They have a range of benefits that could help to improve your business operations as a whole. These include:

  • Natural light brightens up dim interiors
  • Sun exposure provides a Vitamin D boost for staff which is proven to lift mood and improve well-being
  • Natural lighting removes the reliance on electrical lighting, therefore saving energy
  • Reduce carbon footprint and help to boost the environment

There is a wide range of different roof lights available and all of them have a range of effects on the building and occupants below.


A dome roof light is a small roof window which is typically used in smaller premises and includes a reflective tube to help increase light in smaller buildings by reflecting it around the room. Domes are a great option if you have parts of your building which tend to be darker throughout the day.


Barrel roof lights can be produced in a number of sizes which makes them ideal for larger spaces. They consist of semi-circular shapes which are fitted together in order to form a roof light which can cover the entire roof. There are ideal for commercial buildings and allow maximum light levels into the building. Although, you will need to carefully consider the position of your building in relation to the sun in order to prevent overheating.

At Xtralite, we fit and design roof lights with materials designed to reflect or absorb sunlight depending on the time of year and the weather. Our roof lights help to keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer.

Flat Glass

Roof lights on flat roofs are very popular due to their modern appearance and their size. The roof lights are available in a wide variety of sizes and so help sunlight to filter into the entire building, whether large or small.


Pyramid roof lights can be used to create spotlights within a building and allow a glimpse of the outside light. Pyramid roof lights are architecturally beautiful as they are usually supported with thin, steel beams, most commonly used or seen in Victorian properties.

As you can see, there are a number of types of roof light to choose from with a range of benefits for commercial buildings. Choosing the right option can be tricky which is why we have a range of experts on hand at Xtralite to help you choose, specify and design the correct roof light for every commercial building. We can talk you through the benefits and ensure comfort and safety within the building. 

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