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3 Reasons to Install a Glass Roof Light

Natural sunlight is one of the most desirable features in any home or commercial building and installing roof lights has become one of the most popular ways to introduce more natural light into buildings around the UK. Improvements in glass technology mean that roof lights have become a common way to provide more natural lighting in a wide range of buildings. Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in roof lights due to its effectiveness in reducing solar gain and advanced thermal protection.  Here are just three of the reasons to use glass in any roof light design.

1. UV protection

Modern coatings on glass will allow high levels of light transmission whilst also reflecting heat, keeping the internal temperature low and comfortable for the occupants inside. By preventing the heat from penetrating through the rooflight, this advanced technology helps businesses and home owners to reduce costs on energy bills for air conditioning and blinds to reflect the sun’s heat.

In addition, glass is not subject to UV degradation so provides long term solutions for construction projects.  At Xtralite we provide a range of surface treatments and interlayers to provide added solar control and UV protection. Polycarbonate rooflights by Xtralite are fully UV protected, care must be taken when specifying thermoplastic rooflights to ensure similar effects.

2. Thermal Insulation

Glass roof lights are either double or triple glazed to prevent the building becoming too hot or too cold for the occupants within and to prevent heat loss. Many of our glass products are fitted with protection to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent solar overheating. Modern roof lights can help to save on energy bills by keeping a building cool in warm weather and warm in colder weather.

Thermal insulation is one of the most important factors in a roof light to make the building or room usable and not affected by outside conditions.

3. Impact resistance

Xtralite would always recommend as a minimum specification, the outer pane in toughened glass and the inner pane in laminated glass.  We would advise using rooflights designed and tested to be non-fragile, class two CWCT.

There are many more benefits of using glass in roof lights. The material is hard wearing and prevents buildings from becoming too hot or too cold depending on the weather. Glass cannot be moulded so it’s best used for flat roof lights. At Xtralite, we work together to ensure that every roof light is perfect for the specified project and make sure that the correct material is used every time.

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