Glass is the fastest growing material of choice for roof glazing products. Xtralite offers a comprehensive range to meet the most exacting project requirements.

Offering an excellent combination of thermal insulation perofmrnace and light transmission, plus the opportunity to opt for solar control properties and/or coloured glazing, glass is the perfect choice. All Xtralite glass rooflights are manufactured using toughened and laminated glass ensuring non-fragility and safety standards are met or exceeded.

Xtralite glass rooflights can be supplied in a number of configurations, as shown below. Each rooflight is made to order, so we are able to offer a bespoke service to manufacture products to your exact size requirements.

Low Profile Glazed Units


Low profile glass rooflights can be supplied to fit your own upstand (kerb) or manufactured to include a kerb and roof fixing attachments. A range of thermal performance options are available, with u-values compliant with, or exceeding, the requirements of Building Regulations, Part L.

Flush Fitted, Glass Walk-On Rooflights 


As the name suggests these rooflights fit flush to the exterior roof surface and are supplied in toughened, laminated glass enabling them to be walked on when traversing the roof. Glass walk-on rooflights are ideal for modern, flat roofed extensions.

Pyramids, Ridgelights and Roof Lanterns


Glazed roof lights with pyramid or extended ridge light profiles.

Ventilation & Access

Ventilation and Access


Our glass rooflights can be fitted with manual or automatic opening systems as well as a number of ventilation options. These features allow for smoke, ventilation and access control in line with user requirements.

Modular Rooflight


Xtralite offer a comprehensive range of modular rooflights, available in Polycarbonate, Glass, hybrid glass/polycarbonate and Dometec glazing.

Our modular rooflights are based on our X-Range series, which offer an unrivalled choice of size, shape, ventilation and roof attachment options. Choosing rooflights from the Xtralite X-Range series ensures compliance with the thermal insulation requirements of Building Regulations, Part L. It is possible to achieve a U-value as low as 1.0 W/m2K°.

Fixing Options


There are three aspects to consider in selecting the roof fixing attachment: 

  1. The shape of the opening, which can be rectangular, square or circular
  2. The method of attaching the rooflight to the roof. You can choose from 7 standard attachment (or foot) types, which are labelled A to G
  3. The inclusion of an optional intruder grid for added security.These are speciable at extra cost on all Xtralite rooflights.

Further information on how to shoose your fixing arrangement can be found in Specifying the Right Rooflight within the Literature Gallery in Resources.

Our available roof attachments are shown below.


Xtralite X-Range: Roof Attachments
A Flat Board Insulation
B Cut to Falls Insulation
C Cold Roof
D Built-up Kerb
E New Timber Ground
F Sleeve Over an Existing Kerb or Upstand
G Existing Built-up Kerb

Ventilation Options


Rooflights, as well as introducing light to the interior of a building can be used to provide ventilation, extraction of stale and the introduction of fresh air. Xtralite provide a range of differing systems with varying performance levels.

For further information, download the Natural Ventilation brochure from the Literature Gallery within our Resources Library.

Xtralite X-Range: Ventilation Options
Code Ventilation Type X-One X-Two X-Three X-Five
00 Unventilated
02 Hit & Miss  
02 Rota Vent    
03 Wormgear  
04G Hinged access - Gas Springs    
04E Hinged Access - Electric Actuators    
05 24v DC Motor    
06 Chain Drive Opening  
08 Permanent Vent
12E Electric Sliding Opener    
12M Manual Sliding Opener    
13 Extract Vent  
14 Trickle Vent  

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