We are leading the industry drive towards sustainability – and not just with energy saving products – our manufacturing facilities are energy efficient and we aim for 95% of our product materials to be recyclable after the end of their life.

Designing with Daylight

Roof lights can offer real benefits in all types of buildings. They can form part of an effective technical lighting scheme, particularly in conjunction with efficiently-controlled artificial lighting, to produce specified illumination levels for particular tasks.

According to leading consultants, horizontal roof lights provide two and a half times more light than vertical windows.

Building Regulations – Part L

Despite the complex array of Building Regulation that apply in the UK, those related to energy saving and reduction of carbon emissions are becoming more unified. Primarily this is because they must all conform with the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings – 2009/91/EC.

Actual U Values for roof lights should be established in accordance with the BRE publication BR 443 (2006 edition) ‘Conventions for Ud value calculations’ which can be particularly difficult unless independent, accredited testing has been carried out. Xtralite provide technical bulletins providing full information on this important topic.

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