CPD Seminars

Expand your Rooflight knowledge with CPD seminars from Xtralite

We believe that rooflights and specialised glazing are highly sustainable construction options for most building projects that offer a broad range of valuable advantages. We also believe that understanding the science, materials and innovations that underpin our products is the best way to ensure that every building that features them enjoys the full range of benefits.

As such, Xtralite is pleased to offer a wide range of CPD seminars about rooflight science and technology that provides architects and specifiers with an unrivalled opportunity to learn directly from the UK’s leading experts in the field.

Rooflight Solutions

Following a brief introduction the seminar is then split into 4 sections:

  1. Why should we use rooflights? - Looking at the benefits designed daylight can offer
  2. Why shouldn’t we use Rooflights? - Looking at common, and some not so common, problems with Rooflights and the solutions to those problems. 
  3. Followed by a look at some legislation effecting rooflights ACR [M] 001:2005. (Which covers the impact and consequently safety testing of Rooflights.)
  4. And finally Part L of the Building Regulations. (An over view of this legislation pertaining to Rooflights)

Overhead Glazing – the Choices to be made

This a forty minute presentation and gives an objective outlook on the rationale behind specifying rooflights.

Structured into six sections it takes the participant through an informative and illustrated overview of typical overhead glazing projects while balancing the advantages and disadvantages of different shapes, materials and systems.

This seminar offers a practical balanced with technical, source of information and learning for any architect or construction professional involved in specifying overhead glazing.

Advanced Fenestration Technology

With a particular emphasis upon overhead glazing this forty-minute seminar reviews how glazing technology has changed and why it continues to evolve.

We identify the value and benefits of effective “Day-lighting” in its fullest meaning, with a look at the guidelines associated with it.

The intention is to develop knowledge of “aerogel” and it’s value in building construction with an understanding of the role that “aerogel technology” can play in transforming sustainable design and construction.

Please contact our customer service team to find out more about Xtralite’s CPD seminar programme, or to book a place at our next event.