Case Studies

Beverley Library

Over the years, age has taken its toll on the original roofs and rooflights causing leaks, poor thermal performance and security issues. To address these problems comprehensive re-roofing and renovation works were carried out by East Riding Council’s partnering contractor during the second half of 2008, including structural repairs, improved insulation to current Building Regulations standards and ventilation of roof voids.

An essential part of the work was replacement of various old rooflights with modern versions designed and manufactured by Xtralite. Similarly, double-glazed hipped-end lantern lights and 30-degree pyramids, some incorporating opening lights for access and others security systems, were produced to match the design of the original metal-framed, single-glazed units. Xtralite’s architectural lantern lights are proving popular for new buildings as well as refurbishment projects.

But it is the replacement of six large rooflights within the pitched roof of the upper floor Art Gallery that has had most impact creating a major transformation of this dramatic space.

The original, flat single-glazed Georgian wired rooflights - set back into a shallow barrel-vaulted ceiling with decorative plasterwork – had been blocked in, probably during the 1970s, depriving the space of daylight. Their opening up and replacement with Xtralite’s structural glazing system, incorporating structured glazing sheets containing Nanogel® granules, is a revelation.

Daylight now pours into the Gallery space, illuminating the impressive art collection, while the Nanogel® glazing substantially reduces heat loss as well as glare and noise transmission.

East Riding Council Senior Building Surveyor Peter Emmerson commented:

“The Xtralite Lumira rooflights provide a lightweight solution where double-glazing would have been too heavy for the roof structure. They give excellent levels of diffuse lighting, transforming the viewing experience of visitors and showing up forgotten details in the paintings. The Gallery Curator is over the moon with the quality of daylighting and, of course, reliance on artificial lighting and related energy use is now far less.”