Product Information

Xtralite offer a complete range of louvered options for both roof and window applications.  Whether for natural or smoke ventilation all comply with EN 12101 and are made to measure with a variety of louvre options to maintain both required Ud Value levels and water tightness.


The window option offers an attractive solution to smoke ventilation with louvres opening to 90˚ giving a large free vent area. They are produced with thermally-broken Aluminium frames and standard double glazing which has a total thickness of 24 mm or 28 mm and a Ud value of 1.1/DIN EN 673. Sheet metal panels of an appropriate thickness can also be used. We can, of course, supply other combinations with sun-screening, sound-proofing, safety glass, etc. The units are sealed with continuous EPDM profiles and are CE certified.

Roof Opening and Access

Smoke ventilation systems are designed to ensure a natural flow of smoke from the building into the atmosphere. AOVs may also be used for cooling where there is heat gain and airflow is required to maintain a comfortable environment.

How to specify Xtralite rooflights

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