Product Information

Offers high weather resistance in a low maintenance, thermoplastic design, the X-Two exceeds Part L requirements with its 1.8 Ud value. Integral cascade water management system ensures external water drainage to prevent leakage. Air leakage meets Part L.

2mm thick wall ensures weld strength and a weather seal and maintains weather-tightness. A ‘key’ finish to the PVCu kerb assist adhesion of membrane and the PVCu kerb torch-on system friendly.


Key X-Two product features include:
  • Aluminium trim and extruded gasket sections.
  • Steel security insert with the PVCu section.
  • Available in four options – fixed, worm-gear opening, hit and miss, access hatch.

Thermal Efficency Table

The range primarily reflects the level of thermal efficiency (Ud value) and hence its suitability for particular applications. It is recommended that the appropriate X-Range be selected first using its Ud value as a guide, followed by the required size, shape and glazing.

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How to specify Xtralite rooflights

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